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Expressive Youthful Ensemble Singing (EYES) Coach

Coach in Expressive Youthful Ensemble Singing (EYES)


In the 1980’s, Patricia Costa took part in one of the first contemporary Brazilian choirs, Garganta Profunda, directed by Marcos Leite and Nestor de Hollanda Cavalcanti. Its different approach for choir music - combining Acting and Music together - has inspired Dr. Costa to develop, a few years later, a technique which she called Expressive Youthful Ensemble Singing (EYES), aiming to attract teenagers to youth choir when she started her professional life as a choir director. Working with different groups in Brazil, she had a chance to meet Reynaldo Puebla in São Paulo in 2000, with whom she could exchange more intensively ideas about how to bring to choir activity theatrical possibilities to enhance music interpretation.


Her experience in ensemble singing interpretation, together with her academic background in Music, makes her one of the most requested choir directors in Brazil in the field of body movement.

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