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Academic studies


Besides her formal graduation, Dr. Patricia Costa has attended many different courses, workshops and lectures of reputed international professionals in choir conducting as Eph Elly, Andre Thomas, Henry Leck, Mary Goetze, Paul Oakley, Diane Loomer, Janet Galván, Rodney Echenberger, Juan Tony Gusman, Denis Jewitt and Tim Brimmer (from the USA) and  Bob Chilcott (UK),  Robert Sund (Sweden), Gunta Malëvica (Latvia), Alberto Grau (Venezuela), John Washburn (Canada) and Marjukka Riihimaki (Finland).


Dr. Costa has studied with one of the most outstanding conducting teachers in Brazil, Carlos Alberto Figueiredo, with whom she keeps improving her knowledge in choir conducting.


Once in the academic studies, Dr. Costa has been invited to publish articles* in well reputed journals in Brazil (Per Musi and ABEM), as well as in the International Choral Bulletin and in a special issue on Aesthetic Education, in Creative Education (Scientific Research). She has also published Desafinando a Escola (2013,, contributing with a chapter dedicated to teenagers’ singing.


*Some of her articles can be found here.

Teacher in choral conducting


As a college teacher, Dr. Costa has taught “Children’s Choir and Youth Choir Conducting”, as well as “Choral Conducting” disciplines at Brazilian federal universities (UFRJ and UNIRIO). She is currently in charge of Children's and Youth Choir Rehearsal Techniques and Expressive Youthful Ensemble Singing (EYES), in the Post-Graduation Program at the Brazilian Conservatory of Music (RJ). 

Dr. Costa has worked as a choral conducting teacher for the benefit of either public or private school teachers and choir directors. She has also worked in two singular music projects – by Villa-Lobos Museum and Pró Saber Foundation – for teenagers at risk or of disadvantaged communities in Rio de Janeiro.

She is constantly giving workshops, cliniques, courses and lectures, especially about children’s choir, youth choir and Expressive Youthful Ensemble Singing in performing music.

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